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Welcome Aftersales Group

We are in the business of implementing and operating aftersales service and insurance programs that are designed to increase the profit of our clients through additional revenue streams, a decrease of the costs for aftersales and, last but definitely not least, through a proven increase of the loyalty of our client’s customers.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors because our focus is primarily on customer experience and customer satisfaction, instead off ‘bulk sales’. That is also the reason that we develop our products in consultation with our clients. After all, they know best which service suits their customers best.

Furthermore, every day we are aware that we serve the customers of our clients. A misstep on our part can have repercussions for our client’s credibility. In order to offer our client as much comfort as possible, we are completely transparent to our clients and we give them a permanent insight into our performance.

We offer our tailor-made services to retail, distributors, telco networks, manufacturers and insurers.

Contact: info@aftersalesgroup.com, 0031-073-7620630, Achter de Tolbrug 151, 5211SM 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands