Aftersales Service Insurance Platform

What is ASIP?

Gadget service and insurance programs can get out of hand real quickly and the nature of the business and the number of parties involved make operational and administrative processes hard to control.

Based on our over 20 years of experience in the business we have designed and build our own bespoke IT platform, called Aftersales Service and Insurance Platform (ASIP).

ASIP allows us and our partners to go

from this...

to this!

The An IT Solution for Gadget Service

ASIP is a A front-to-back IT solution for gadget service – and insurance programmes that integrates premium collection, claims administration, logistics, repair, warehousing and the complete financial administration in one system.
It combines extensive TPA services and Customer Care in one system and it connects all parties involved through the same platform, Web based or through real-time API.

ASIP is designed to operate paperless and to speed up the claim validation process. Due to the built-in business rules engine ASIP is capable of validating over 85% of all incoming claims at the moment the claim is reported by the customer.

Although focused on smoothening processes to create a customer friendly experience for those customers that already face the negative impact of a device that is broken down or stolen, ASIP is also designed to control.

  • Roles and responsibilities can be pre-defined for different user types.
  • ASIP records every action on the system with the unique user, date/time and action. This is not reversible and provides a very strong audit trail.
  • Financial and operational performance is monitored real-time through dash board reporting tools and pre-defined reports on sales, claims and service that ASIP can generate real-time upon request or in any other agreed frequency.ASIP is highly configurable, both pre-launch and after launch to adjust programs.

ASIP is highly configurable, both pre-launch and after launch to adjust programs.

  • Since all parties involved are linked to the same platform they all have access to the same uniform set of data (on a need to know basis).

Controls claims validation through:

  • a build-in business rules engine to support atomised claims handling;
  • a status driven linear claims process;
  • build-in tools to identify fraud.

ASIP can be quickly deployed and tailored to individual programmes as required, without setup costs and with a minimum of IT resources required from our partners.

ASIP is built on the latest version Microsoft Dynamics NAV and cloud hosted. The platform is highly configurable and customizable.