Smart and Aftersales Group Philippines Partnering Up for the Future Innovating Connectivity

Manila, Philippines – May 9, 2024

In a groundbreaking move poised to reshape the telecommunications landscape, Smart Communications, the Philippines’ leading mobile network provider with a robust subscriber base of 65 million, has joined forces with Aftersales Group Philippines. This aims to introduce an innovative product tailored for Smart’s postpaid plans, enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing Smart’s market leadership.

A New Era for Postpaid Plans

The collaboration between Smart and Aftersales Group Philippines represents a significant leap forward in the postpaid plan market. Leveraging Aftersales Group’s expertise in customer service and Smart’s extensive reach and technological prowess, the newly developed product promises to deliver unparalleled value and convenience to subscribers.

Pilot Launch with Techbox

The initial phase of this ambitious project will see a pilot launch in collaboration with Techbox, a mutual partner known for its extensive retail network and customer-centric approach. This pilot will serve as a testing ground to refine the product and gather valuable feedback from early adopters.