Aftersales Group Philippines and Bald Puppies Join Forces to Conquer the Market

Manila, Philippines – April 26, 2024

Aftersales Group Philippines and Bald Puppies, a leading software company specializing in business solutions applications, have formed a powerful partnership aimed at transforming the market. This collaboration leverages the unique strengths of both companies to deliver innovative solutions and customer service that cater to modern business needs.

Bald Puppies is a pioneering business solution and it has established itself as a key player in the software industry, known for developing cutting-edge applications that enhance business efficiency. One of their standout products, Sukipay, is revolutionizing the payments landscape by providing an integrated portal for merchants and billers, streamlining transactions, and improving financial management. It offers a seamless portal where merchants and billers can manage transactions efficiently, reducing operational complexities and fostering better financial control. With a growing network of 4,000 retailers, Sukipay is at the forefront of the digital payment revolution in the Philippines.