Aftersales Group Philippines and Gadgetmate Introduce Innovative Gadget Protection Solution – Gadgetmate Care

Aftersales Group Philippines has collaborated with Gadgetmate, a prominent multi-brand retailer with 10 branches in southern Luzon, to launch a groundbreaking co-branded product, Gadgetmate Care. This partnership aims to offer enhanced gadget protection to Gadgetmate’s clients, ensuring their devices remain safe and functional for longer periods.

Gadgetmate Care features an Advanced Device Lifespan Development (ADLD) solution, providing a comprehensive range of benefits.

Starting March 11, 2024, Gadgetmate Care will be available to Gadgetmate’s clients, offering them a reliable and comprehensive solution for protecting their valuable electronic devices. This collaboration between Aftersales Group Philippines and Gadgetmate showcases a commitment to providing innovative and customer-centric solutions in the gadget retail industry, ensuring clients receive the best possible protection for their devices.