Aftersales Group Philippines and Techbox Forge Strategic Partnership: Unveiling Techbox VIP

Aftersales Group Philippines has entered into a strategic partnership with Techbox, one of the Philippines’ premier digital device retailers. This collaboration brings together the strengths of Aftersales Group Philippines, a leader in comprehensive aftersales solutions, and Techbox, renowned for its extensive network of digital device with 33 operational retail stores across Greater Manila and the Visayan Region.

Co-Branding Solution – Techbox VIP:

As part of their strategic partnership, Aftersales Group Philippines and Techbox are introducing a co-branding solution named Techbox VIP. This initiative is designed to enhance the customer experience by integrating Aftersales Group’s comprehensive aftersales solutions seamlessly into Techbox’s retail ecosystem.

The partnership between Aftersales Group Philippines and Techbox, marked by the introduction of Techbox VIP, is set to professionalize the customer journey in the digital device retail landscape.